Tarifas Casa rural

La marca de calidad Gîtes de France garantiza requisitos precisos de confort (con 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5 'espigas') y el respeto de una carta nacional.

1 espiga :espacio exterior, muebles de jardín: un cuarto de baño y aseo (para casas rurales hasta 6 personas), segundo baño (para casas rurales para 7 personas o más); parrilla o mini-horno, mesa de la cocina, olla a presión, nevera, materiales y productos de limpieza básicos, hierro, asiento de bebé en la demanda de limpieza.

2 espiga : así como, o en lugar de 1 espiga de maíz instalaciones: barbacoa (excepto en las zonas donde no se permite barbacoas), lavadora (en casas rurales para 6 o más personas), licuadora, cafetera eléctrica, antena TV, manteles y toallas en la demanda *.

3 espiga : así como, o en lugar de 2 mazorca de maíz instalaciones: acceso independiente y jardín privado, 2 aseos (en casas rurales para 7 personas o más), lavadora, lavavajillas * (en casas rurales para 5 personas o más), horno, televisión en color * , teléfono *, servicio de limpieza por encargo.

4 espiga : Ias además de o en lugar de 3 mazorca de maíz instalaciones: propiedad única, el escenario y la decoración interior de un estándar muy alto, chimenea o estufa de leña (a menos que prohibido por los reglamentos de las autoridades locales); microondas, nevera con congelador, secadora (en propiedades para 6 personas o más).

5 espiga : así como, o en lugar de 4 mazorca de maíz instalaciones: zona verde privada o jardín, instalaciones de ocio en el sitio (por ejemplo, la pista de tenis, sauna piscina o jacuzzi), garaje u otro refugio fuera; en casas rurales para 3 personas o más: lavadora, secadora, equipo de música, reproductor de vídeo.

E.C.  ser clasificado
*en circunstancias excepcionales, estas instalaciones pueden no estar disponibles en ciertas casas rurales, pero los huéspedes que se alojen en estas casas rurales serán informados de este momento de la reserva.. 

Después de una estancia que desearía darle mis impresiones. ¿Con quién tengo que ponerme en contacto con.?

En este caso, usted debe enviar sus comentarios a la rama departamental que tenerlos en cuenta..

Ratings “chambres d’hôtes” (bed and breakfast)

The Gîtes de France quality label guarantees precise comfort requirements (with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 “épis”) and the respect of a national charter.

All the Gîtes de France “chambres d’hôtes” (bed and breakfast) are rated according to the architectural qualities of the house, its environment, the level of comfort, the decoration and the services; the rating is revised every 5 years. Whatever the rating, the owners will make sure you have an enjoyable stay.

1 épi : Simple rooms.

2 épis : Comfortable bedrooms, each one with at least a private shower- or bathroom.

3 épis : Very comfortable bedrooms, each one with a full private bathroom (shower, bath, washbasin, toilet).

4 épis : Highly comfortable bedroom, each one with full private bathroom. They are in houses with character and in a privileged environment. Additional services are very often available.

5 épis : Exceptionally comfortable bedrooms, with parking onsite, a park or landscaped garden, at least one leisure equipment at the guests’ disposal (swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, etc.), a living area with flatscreen television in each bedroom, power jet shower or spa bathtub and credit card payment.

Following a stay I would wish to give you my impressions. Whom do I have to get in contact with?

In this case, you should send your comments to the departmental branch that will take them into account.

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Ratings city break

The accommodations listed as “Comfort” mean' : quality old or contemporary buildings with Internet connection, carefully decorated, functional and comfortably equipped.

The accommodations listed as “Premium” mean : very high standard services and comfort in buildings of historic character with Internet connection and LCD Televisions and large rooms.

The accommodations listed as “Luxury” mean : luxurious appointments, frame or historical nature or classified, privileged environment, equipment, wellness / spa, large areas and spacious ...

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Ratings group Gîte

The Gîtes de France quality label guarantees that your accommodation meets specific standards of comfort (1, 2 et 3 épis) and complies with the national charter.
Gîtes de France stopover and holiday gîtes are inspected at least once every five years; the ratings vary according to the setting, the level of comfort and the services provided.  They are usually reassessed in the case of a dispute.

Whatever the rating, the gîte may also offer additional services or facilities (detailed in its description).

1 épi : living room, dining area, relaxation area or activities room. No folding beds.

2 épis : telephone, clothes drying area, cellar.

3 épis : adjacent laid-out or equipped grounds, library, board games or musical instruments; dishwasher and clothes drier, sheets and towels provided upon request.

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Ratings Children’s Gîtes

Children’s Gîtes receive the quality label Gîtes de France which involves adherence to a national charter.

Children’s Gîtes receive the quality label Gîtes de France which involves adherence to a national charter.
From 6 children, the foster family is assisted by one or more facilitators depending on the capacity. The cottages children are registered as such, namely:

  by the DASS (Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs)
  by DDJS 5Direction Departmental Youth and Sports).

If more than 11 children are welcomed, it is the regulation resorts applies.
For activities requiring special knowledge, specialized instructors are responsible for framing.

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Campsite and chalet ratings

The “Nature” campsites offer you a privileged environment with no more than 25 plots of some 300 to 400 m2 each. You will be able to enjoy nature in a very convivial manner as well as the leisure equipment put at your disposal. You will also have the possibility of tasting farm products from our regions. They are situated on shaded and well-oriented grass meadows and are accessible at all times. They are rated with 1 to 4 “épis” according to their level of comfort.

Main criteria for the “épis” ratings

1 épi : the owner’s house is close by, there is clothes line available, a tub for washing the linen, a toilet and according to the number of plots: one to three outdoor water points, one to three wash basins, one to three hot water showers, one to three sinks.

2 épis : In addition to the equipment available in 1 “épis”, there is a games area for children and adults.

3 épis : In addition to (or instead of) the equipment of the 1 and 2 “épis”, electric points for caravans and camping cars for at least 30% of the places, an area for emptying chemical toilets, parking, covered shelter and garden furniture and according to the number plots: 2 to 3 wash basins, 2 to 4 showers, 1 to 3 sinks, 1 to 2 tubs for washing clothes, 2 to 4 toilets.

4 épis : In addition to (or instead of) the 1, 2 and 3 “épis”, outdoor lighting, common room, a telephone available night and day (payphone) and according to the number of plots: 2 to 4 wash basins, 2 to 5 showers (with 1 to 2 wash basing attached), 2 to 4 sinks, 1 to 3 tubs for washing clothes, 4 to 5 toilets.

EC : EC: Pending rating.

The “tradition” campsites have a maximum of 150 plots of between 80 to 100m2 each; they include activities and leisure equipments for families’ enjoyment.
They are rated with 1 to 4 stars according to their nature and the equipments available.
For a new style of holidays in the open air, some of the campsites offer chalets and mobile homes for hire.

How are the stars awarded?
This rating is given by the local authorities and it takes into account the environment and the number of equipment (in particular the surface area of the plots, the number of washing facilities, the equipment on the playground, …).

The unusual, chalets and mobile homes villages are situated in the heart of the countryside: you will be welcome at the addresses given by the guide and you will be able to practice many activities (angling, mountain bike, horse ridding, archery, etc.) on site. These chalets or mobile homes are always grouped on a same site and are usually made for 4 to 6 people. They include at least a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom

Out-of-the-ordinary accommodation
The “Gîtes de France” out-of-the-ordinary accommodation guarantees a holiday unlike any other.
Whether in a horse-drawn caravan, a tepee, a yurt or in a tree house… the interior equipment is comfortable and the welcome is warm and friendly.
Each accommodation also benefits from a privileged outdoor environment.

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